The Street
By Taylor Nicole Rodgers
Published October 24, 2018

Though it is almost impossible to predict when the market will reach its top, certified financial planner William Brancaccio of Rightirement Wealth Partners recommends that investors who think a correction isn’t far off pull their money from vulnerable sectors.”If we are approaching a market top and you want to be protective you would want to overweight defensive sectors,” Brancaccio said. “Healthcare, Utilities and Consumer Staples would be a good starting point. Energy and Materials also tend to hold up during a market decline as well.”

There is no assurance that the techniques and strategies discussed are suitable for all investors or will yield positive outcomes. The purchase of certain securities may be required to effect some of the strategies. Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal. Because of their narrow focus, sector investing will be subject to greater volatility than investing more broadly across many sectors and companies.

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