Whether you are preparing for retirement, saving for college tuition, buying a new home or second home, or making another big financial decision, you need a plan. Rightirement’s financial advisors merge expectations with reality to identify available investing options that fit your individual needs.

Our Proprietary Three-Step Process

Asset Management

Investing is necessary to successfully plan for your future. Simply put, it is unlikely that you will accumulate all the money you need for financial independence through hard work. You also need your money to work for you. Your Rightirement Wealth Partners CFP® professional will help you seek My Number using years of investment management experience and the powerful resources of LPL Financial Research and IFP Asset Management.

Together, we work to develop an asset mix that meets your comfort level while seeking to achieve My Number. Our goal of asset management is simple: we serve as your fiduciaries and invest with your best interests in mind. We build your portfolio with investments that have a history of keeping more gains and taking less losses.

We can also take any requests you have into consideration and have a reasonable discussion to determine if a certain investment vessel fits in your portfolio. We promise not to get defensive – we are on your team.

Our Investment Strategy

Strategy is the first component of assembling your portfolio. We focus on using historical performance of asset classes to broadly diversify your money.

Step One: The initial allocation is done in a vacuum ignoring recent market performance and momentum to create a smart core investment mix.

Step Two: We add in tactics based on recent market performance and momentum to take advantage of asset classes in favor.

Step Three: We dive deep into each market cap segment to overweight industries that may outperform in current market conditions. As small changes in market conditions occur, we make small shifts in industry weightings; this is commonly known as sector rotation.


Rightirement Wealth Partners’ fee structure for asset management services are designed with your best interests in mind. Even if we see an opportunity to place funds in investments outside a fee-based arrangement, we do it to reduce the cost of our services. It’s simple really – when making an investment decision, we start by asking ourselves, “Would we do this with our own money?”

Our Pledge

For reasons of transparency, we will clearly communicate all investment costs and how much we are being paid to you and your family. These costs include explicit fees that you see on your statement, expense ratios that may not be easily viewable, and fees that could change over time that may only be discoverable through reading of investment prospectuses.

Tax Management

Successful investing creates additional tax management issues that must be evaluated. At Rightirement Wealth Partners, we take a very proactive approach to tax management. In the current calendar year, trades in your taxable accounts are paired so that investments with gains are sold with other investments that have losses so that as little capital gains taxation is generated. When possible, we position income producing investments and those that do not have preferential capital gains treatment in tax-deferred and tax-free accounts.

Unlike many other asset managers, we build a financial plan based on income projections and taxation years in advance. Some investment tax planning opportunities are not readily apparent when only considering the current tax year, which we believe gives us a significant edge in asset management. Ultimately, investing is always about the money you keep, not the money you make.

No investment strategy assures a profit or protects against loss. There is no guarantee that a diverse portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

Invest with our experienced financial advisors.