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The S&P 500 is up, and small caps have soared. Sentiment could be getting a little frothy as well, which may increase the odds of a pullback. [...]

Corporate earnings are beating expectations and stocks may be in a new bull market. [...]

Stocks fell for the second straight month in October as Election Day approached and brought policy uncertainty that historically has driven volatility. [...]

Equity returns have been strongest under a split Congress. What we can expect under a Joe Biden administration. [...]

What we can expect in the markets and economy under a Biden administration and split Congress. [...]

Choosing our next president may take longer this time, but temporary uncertainty at the polls should not slow our economic recovery. [...]

GDP grew 33.1% annualized in the third quarter, the sharpest rebound in GDP since WWII. [...]

As the race for the White House enters the homestretch, some indicators suggest the election may be closer than polls are saying. [...]

Stocks were lifted by the stronger-than-expected economic rebound, as fiscal and monetary stimulus continued to provide support. [...]

Markets have come a long way since the March lows, and LPL Research sees further gains ahead for stocks, especially small cap stocks. [...]