Executive Compensation

Keep track of your executive benefits package and discover a strategy that works for you.

Managing the Complexities of Success

Keeping track of your bank and retirement accounts can occupy a huge block of time and result in unneeded anxiety. Now that you’re at the top of the ladder and pay is in the form of SERPs, company stock in various structures, severance packages, and more, you are finding even less time to keep track of your accounts. You may ask yourself:

  • How much am I really worth?
  • Did I miss something when doing my taxes?
  • Am I making financial mistakes?
  • How can I possibly manage my finances with such little time in the day?

The Answer

It’s time to stop worrying. Rightirement Wealth Partners will help you understand the legal, tax, and financial implications with your executive compensation package. That includes guiding you through important decisions and organize the strategies you prefer in an easy to understand, visual model that you can review quickly and easily.

We assist our executives with structures such as:

  • Stock Option Planning
  • Concentrated Equity Strategies
  • Restricted Stock, Restricted Stock Units
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation
  • Severance Packages
  • Employer-paid Insurance Strategies
  • Pension Optimization Strategies

Work with the Rightirement Wealth Partners team.