Withdrawing from your 401(k) or IRA in a down market? What you need to know

By Alessandra Malito
Published: May 26, 2022


“This year there is a lot more to consider and it depends on whether you need the money or are taking it because you are forced to do so,” said Byrke Sestok, a certified financial planner and president of Rightirement Wealth Partners. “Smart investors should have cash available in their investments to cover their RMDs so the investment performance shouldn’t matter as to when you take the RMD.”

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Traditional IRA account owners have considerations to make before performing a Roth IRA conversion. These primarily include income tax consequences on the converted amount in the year of conversion, IRA, and income limitations for future contributions to a Roth IRA. In addition, if you are required to take a required minimum distribution(RMD) in the year you convert, you must do so before converting to a Roth IRA.