Tax Management

As a high net worth individual, you pay your fair share of taxes. However, you might be paying too much to the IRS every year, which can translate into less money in your retirement savings accounts. We can help.

Rightirement focuses on the biggest tax liabilities that you will likely confront: tax-deferred income, tax-free income, earned income, passive income, and portfolio income.

Tax-Deferred Income

This is in reference to your retirement accounts. Depending on a number of factors, including your salary, position, career goals, and recent shifts in your industry, rolling over retirement funds might be more logical for your unique situation. A strategic use of insurance might also be in order to further expand your retirement tax liability.

Tax-Free Income

It may sound like a fantasy, but we assure you the elusive tax-free income is very real. Depending on your specific circumstances, we consider rolling retirement funds into a Roth IRA, selling one of your homes, renting out a home, establishing a gifting arrangement, and much more.

Earned Income

Some wealthy individuals neglect to find tax savings that’s right under their noses, but for the most part this form of taxation is somewhat unavoidable. With that said, we review each client’s earned income tax to ensure nothing looks amiss and no opportunities go unnoticed.

Passive Income

While losses can offset your passive income, it can still be advantageous for a person at your income level. Renting a home, investing in index funds, going in on a limited partnership or writing a book can all generate passive income. There are many other options we can discuss during our initial financial planning phase.

Portfolio Income

Portfolio income is any sort of investment income you receive. Depending on your situation, this can include interest, dividends, capital gains, and royalties. This is decidedly different income from passive investments, so we factor this in differently to your financial plan.

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