Business Planning

We know you are smart and smart people plan for just about everything. However, like two-thirds of business owners in the United States, you might not have a succession plan. The Rightirement team can help you establish a contingency plan in the event of a planned or unplanned exit from your business. You won’t live forever and your company needs a strategy to continue in your absence.

For Small Businesses

Small businesses are often sold to younger employees to carry the torch, but they might not have the capital to buy you out when the time comes. If this happens, where will you turn to find a buyer?

It may seem just like yesterday that you founded your own business; however, it has now grown to a formidable competitor in your market space. Like the business owners we work with, you have likely assembled company benefits on a passive basis and left business investment planning to a broker who doesn’t understand the capital needs of the business. In many cases, owners have failed to protect the value of their business and haven’t designed a retention strategy for key employees. We can help you find accurate information regarding business financing and management to cover all of your bases.

A Retirement Plan

True to our motto, Rightirement Wealth Partners doesn’t simply believe in retiring. We believe in finding peace and relaxation in retirement that you deserve after a long life of working day in and day out. Like most business owners, your company is the retirement plan, your main source of income, and a huge block of your personal balance sheet.

As a trusted business partner, we will review your existing financial structure, recommend cost saving or asset growing strategies, and introduce you to a team of professionals that will implement these recommendations. Each of our small business professionals are committed to your best interests and we will go to great lengths to make sure you feel confident.

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