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The 2018 Tax Reform Bill and What’s Important to Know

The New Tax Reform Bill Doesn’t Impact Your 2017 Taxes For individuals, the tax reform bill’s purpose is to: Simplify the tax process Preserve the mortgage interest deduction Eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty tax Increase the standard deduction Provide more support to American families Provide relief for Americans with expensive medical bills Improve savings vehicles …

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PLEASE! Call or email us before you spend $5,000 or more

Almost every month I speak with a client who told me about a new house they bought, or a 401(k) loan they took or a service they paid for without running it by us. This is a mistake. I cringe when I have to point out there was a more cost efficient money decision that …

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High Income Earners — You Can Potentially Fund a Roth IRA

Do you like paying taxes? No, of course not. So then having access to an account that will be tax-free1 in retirement sounds awesome —That’s the Roth IRA — But you’re married and your modified adjusted gross income is over $196,000 ($133,000 for singles). The IRS doesn’t allow you to contribute to a Roth IRA. …

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Consider Taking These Steps Immediately Regarding the Massive Equifax Data Breach

If you have been captivated with the hurricanes pounding the South and Southeast you may have missed the most impactful story to you regarding one of the big three credit bureaus, Equifax. Equifax had an unprecedented data breach that they have stated affected 143 Million Americans. The estimated population is 326 Million Americans — that’s …

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Are Your Stocks and Bonds in the Right Accounts?

“It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep.” Are your investments set up with this wisdom in mind? Many of the people we meet with who manage their investments themselves often have their stocks, bonds and other investments in the wrong accounts. Having your investments in the right accounts is a simple …

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Common Financial Planning Mistakes

One of the many reasons Bill and I founded Rightirement Wealth Partners is to share valuable knowledge with as many people we can reach. Blogging is a natural extension of this goal and what better way to begin than by sharing some of the common financial planning mistakes. If some of these hit home and …

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